D1- XXI Triennale

Palazzo della Triennale, Milano, 2016

Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare.
D1 is the room which discloses the discovery of the domestic space. A series of concentric enclosures made of thin and coloured metal columns defines an elliptical space. Within this space the threshold between inner and outer space is progressively unveiled allowing the visitor to acknowledge the role of Architecture in mediating landscape, domestic space and objects. The reasoning- fostered by a fascinating experience of hospitality lived in the private interiors of Beirut – points out a timeless way of dwelling, deeply-rooted in the collective memory of the whole mediterranean area. A series of satellite spaces rotates around a central void: it is the home and the city which all of us can remember and imagine. D1 lays on the ancestral will of stopping which captured the wandering Man: one day, fascinated by the qualities of a Place, he chose to stay. In this sense, D1 is the “the first room of the Man”: the place where we have discovered ourselves and where we have recognised we are no longer nomads; that place where we collect everything we find on our path and that Place around which we build our home. D1 is the project of the threshold beyond which the space is no longer wild but rather domestic.
Francesco Librizzi Studio
Design team: Francesco Librizzi, Laura Bragalini, Anna Carcano, Nazli Celebi, Matteo Schiavone, Aleksandra Tobiasz, Giuseppe Vedovati
Collaborator: Concrete Artworks: Sara Galli
Curator: Beppe Finessi
Consultants: De Castelli, Zanotta, Emmemobili, Lo Bianco Marmi e Graniti
Dimension: 28 sqm
Photos: Andrea Martiradonna